The Real Talk Report is an independent news blog designed to bring you current news in 3D meaning as real as it gets. We are a Team of Truth Speakers, Journal-Activist speaking up to defend the truth, rights and our freedoms in the USA and report the truth from around the globe.

Our goal is to bring you news the mainstream media  neglects and  in some cases, report falsely with half truths, lies and cover-ups. We are honest journal-Activist with our hearts set on getting the Truth to you. Truth is the new hate speech so we know everyone will not like what we say however there’s a larger number people who want more of what we have to say and this encourages us to continue to speak the Truth.

We’re raising up a new generation of  leaders: decent, honorable men and women who share a principled, practical vision for restoring moral self-government in America, who are devoted to the cause of securing the Blessings of Liberty to our Posterity.  And we’re doing it without regard to political party affiliation, economic status, religious beliefs or ethnicity.

Every man and woman endorsed by The Truth Speakers understands that We the People are entirely dependent upon our Creator. They know that our natural rights come from the creator, not from any man, and that those rights are therefore unalienable.

They understand and are totally committed to the imperative sworn constitutional duty of every officer of government – in every branch and at every level – to secure the God-given natural rights to life, liberty and private property of every innocent person in this country, from creation to natural death.

“I will speak the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help me God, The Truth Speakers”


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