5 comments on “Ferguson Police Profiling of Blacks a Major Funding Source for City Budget

  1. What race is more dominate in Ferguson? It’s black so why do you think is racial profiling going on? The city I live in is 85% black. They hate white people and it is very plain when a black council woman can call a white council member a Kkk just because the man is white. The city police here have dropped the requirement so that they will except black officer with criminal record. The F.B.I. has investigated many times and the other government officals that were busted were all black except one. They screamed it was racist. Not. It just seems that racial profiling is going on when in fact it’s provides facts that blacks commit more crimes. Plain and simply. You hardly ever see white folks selling drugs on the street corners. Is that the white mans fault?

    • When I traveled through the state of SC, I was stopped, interrogated, the highway patrol man had his dog pinned on me while he searched my wife the rest of the vehicle. Then after 3 minutes of interrupting my travel he said I could go with no apologies………a police office cuts me off at the drug store buying cough syrup, with his gun drawn and pointing. He said I fit the description of an armed robber……my Caucasian autistic client was sitting in my back seat at the park and cops swarmed up on me because I was reported by an anonymous person of having a young white girl in my back seat..The funny thins about that is that my clients father is a lieutenant for the police department so I called him on the cell and that ended that and yes there’s more to tell. I have no record but I seem to peak their interest. I don’t fit the stereotypical look but only thing I have in common having brown skin. Now here’s what I realize, I can see how the ruling class is trying to steal everyone’s rights, bit by bit. You can probably see that as well but what you fail to see is certain ethnic communities black, Native American and low in Caucasian are walking with targets on their backs. You can’t say one group has one and another does. We are all targets. This Ferguson incident is just a prelude to what in store for not only black communities but all American communities. Also sir, please recognize when something is rhetoric and trying to race pimp versus pointing out real facts. I don’t make this stuff up and if I were that creative I would move to Hollywood. One last thing, realize that race is a bait and switch anyway. There’s no white people, black people or any color. As long as you continue to live in a crayon box you will be a slave. Learn the truth my friend. Not their truth.

      • If everybody had the same rights it would be right No special treatment for different races and the homosexuals. Level the playing field. I have been beaten simple because of my race. White. Sexually assaulted. I have been passed over for jobs because I’m and better qualifications because they needed to to put blacks in the position. It appears that only call white people can be called racist. I recieve hateful glares in the grocery store from the parents and their children when I have done nothing. It’s a two way street, blacks are some of the most racist people I know.

      • I wont disagree with you on that. I know what you have to deal with as well. Ask yourself this question, who stands to profit from white, black, red, yellow hatred? It sure ain’t the Ferguson residents, or the white kid that got shot in Ohio, another 18 year old teenager KBC-killed By Cop….its not his resident community. The ones who gain from this is Washington terrocrats and their flunkies placed in office throughout America. The political parties are a joke. They are set up for you to fail. Using this system will ultimately keep people swinging at each other (out of ignorance) instead of the real enemy.
        The gov has set up a system to target Blacks, target whites, target latinos, target native americans and we are all targeted differently. Some more subtle than others. In your case it would be subtle as with most Caucasians. Blacks, Latinos more public and open. Under stand this my friend, the only way to bring chaos to they can implement order is to make one of these targets public. That would be the black community. Next on the latter would be Latino/Natives and last its Caucasians because everyone around the world has been taught to see you as the enemy. Even whites who try to help are not accepted in some cases. This is the crafty work of a higher power. Not God or what you want to cal the spiritual forces at work but its other god-Government.
        If the goal is to enrage a nation then their job is to go after the right target to accomplish their objective.

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