3 comments on “18 Stats that prove prove the Government has reached epidemic levels

  1. Yes, America has social welfare programs as most countries do. Many folks are on retirement that paid into their own benefits. Unfortunately, the US government has used a lot of that money for other things. We could take a percentage out of the military budget and cover all social programs in entirety. There is so much waste spending in the US it is incredible. In this type of economy where jobs are hard to find, and the jobs available many do not have a living wage or are just not working at all. It seems it has been a long time since America has been a democracy, its more like an oligarchy. Princeton University has finished a study which reports finding just that. We are no longer a democracy but an oligarchy. Full study due out this fall.

    Which concerns me more are the billions and billions of dollars paid by US tax payers to corporations in the form of tax breaks and subsidy welfare. We simply can’t keep that up. Between corrupt corporations and the corrupt banking system.. something needs to change.

    • The change you speak of will not come from the government. The people are the ones who need to change and stand up and say we are not taking this no more. The government will continue to do what it’s doing until the people say enough is enough. Comments like yours gives me hope that we are waking up which is the first step in the process of true freedom.

      • Can not agree with you more. A movement is needed, and it is needed right now. We do not have a moment to lose. There is hope, it is not all lost. It just became buried in a sea of moral dissenters. A sea of illusion and domination. This is immoral and hypocritical. We are waking up from a sleepy myth of the illusion of justice.

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